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Learning That Gets Results!

Welcome to Onwards & Upwards, we're the company who train the tactical business skills essential to the success of any organization.  In tough times the organizations who invest in staff training and development are the ones more likely to survive and thrive as a result. 

In hard times, the soft stuff often goes away. But Emotional Intelligence, it turns out, isn't so soft. If emotional obliviousness jeopardizes your ability to perform, fend off aggressors, or be compassionate in a crisis, no amount of attention to the bottom line will protect your career. Emotional intelligence isn't a luxury you can dispense with in tough times. It's a basic tool that, deployed with finesse, is the key to professional success.

Harvard Business Review

We are committed to work with you to ensure you maximize every opportunity to thrive by equipping your staff with the tools they need to get results.   

Underpinning what we do are 5 key values:

  • Creativity - We create unique training solutions that directly relate to your organisation and industry
  • Sincerity  - We mean what we say and we do what we say we’ll do
  • Respect -  We respect that people are unique and may see things from a different perspective
  • Learning continuously -We love to learn new things and relearn old things (often in different ways) – this helps ensure we stay sharp
  • Enjoyment! - We love what we do!  Enjoyment gives us energy which fuels our ability think creatively and logically.

When all 5 elements come together it's magic!

Real value and real results immediately.

Intrigued?  Come and take a look at what we do to see how we work our magic…